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Supersprox-stealth is a world-wide patented product and registered trademark. For details, please visit and search for Patent Number 7481729 or and search for Patent Number EP1573234.

We are the exclusive designer and manufacturer of the legendary Supersprox-stealth sprocket motorcycle sprockets. The only hybrid sprocket available for street, MX, Off Road and ATV's. We can offer a full range for most modern motorcycles. A product that gives longer system life and a real financial saving.

Supersprox-stealth will last 3 times longer than an aluminum sprocket and is between 10-50 % lighter than a steel sprocket (Depending on model and tooth number). We guarantee that our sprockets will outlast, outperform and outshine the competition or your money back. (See guarantee info.)

Supersprox-stealth was developed for riding in extreme conditions, where aluminum sprockets can't handle the torque delivered through the chain drive system. Supersprox engineers conceived and developed the combination of the two materials in the millennium year. Supersprox have counted 9 world titles since that time and 2005/06/07/09/10 Dakar wins. Factory KTM rally team, all depend on Supersprox-stealth.

Checkout the pictures and video on our site. You will soon discover that people love this exclusive product. Sometimes called Supersprox, Stealth or Tri-Metal (not to be confused with Twin Ring). We call it perfection.

Supersprox-stealth is a world-wide patented product and Tri-Metal is a U.S.-registered trademark. For details, please visit and search for Patent Number 7481729 or and search for Patent Number EP1573234.

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2010 edition details

Supersprox sprockets are similar to JT Sprockets. JT claim that Our leading edge technology in production and materials with total dedication to excellence gives you the ultimate motorcycle and ATV sprocket range at unbeatable value. Our mission is to supply you the most innovative and competitive product line fully backed by complete availability and service. Your Absolute Satisfaction is our Commitment

JT Sprockets - World's No. 1 manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle and ATV sprockets, constantly raising the industry's standards.

Supersprox sprockets are similar Sidewinder sprockets. Titanium I Motorcycle and ATV Sprockets 10 Years of Production with No FailuresTi-Moly is Virtually Indestructable.

Ti-Moly is the pinnacle of our quality line of sprockets. Krause/Sidewinder Ti-Moly sprockets are the lightest non-aluminum sprockets made with 6 times the hardness of aluminum and 3 times harder than stainless steel.

All New Smart Motorcycle Chain The Motorcycle & ATV Chain that Self Lubricates Big Power Gains and Much Longer Life A remarkable, technical achievement by Krause/Sidewinder engineers has resulted in a clever chain that transfers maximum power by virtually eliminating drag and friction. This ingenious new design is called "Smart Chain II." Utilizing the new patented V-series, SR-51 saturated Smart O-Rings, this new "Smart Chain II" from Krause/Sidewinder gives the motocross, off-road, and ATV rider no more need to compromise.

Custom Motorcycle and ATV Sprockets Any Color with New Powder-Coating Service Krause Racing / Sidewinder Products can custom engineer and produce any type and size sprocket you can dream up. Lead times are usually only two to three weeks for most customs. all sprockets are precision laser-cut to extremely close tolerances.

Titanium II Lifetime Guaranteed Sprockets Guaranteed For Life To Never Wear Out "The last sprocket you may ever have to buy". "It Will Save You Money"

Titanium II is the top of our quality line of sprockets. We guarantee it for life. Krause/Sidewinder Titanium II sprockets are 6 times the hardness of aluminum and 3 times harder than stainless steel. Titanium II sprockets are the lightest non-aluminum sprockets made. Precision laser-cut to extremely close tolerances. Proven to withstand 150+ horsepower Sand Rails and Dragsters. More... View Magazine Test Article Test

Motorcycle chain and Sprocket Kits Matched Balanced Drive System Packages Up and Downsize or Stock Size krause Racing / Sidewinder Products is the #1 source in the drive system industry for upsize and downsize sprocket and chain conversion kits. Krause builds these matched, custom made, kits for Street, Dirt, Race, and general Off Road applications. Sidewinder provides these power improving sets for both Motorcycles and ATV's. All kits are complete with front sprocket, rear sprocket and matching chains.

Aluminum Sprockets Also Hardened Heat Treated Billet Aircraft Aluminum Where minimum weight and the availability of colors are the priority, Billet AircraftAlloy is the premium material and basic aluminum is the slightly lesser-expensive choice. Krause/Sidewinder pioneered most of the innovations in these designs over the past 30 years and continues to offer these product lines today.

Sprocket Center offers the following products.

Motorcycle Drive offer - Street Motorcycle Drive - Dirt Bike Drive - Scooter Drive - ATV Drive Renthal Sprockets - Pro Taper Sprockets - DID Chains - RK Brands Acerbis - AFAM - Bikemaster - DID - EK - JT - Moose Racing - MSR Racing - Parts Unlimited - Pro Taper - Renthal - RK - Sunstar - Tag Metals - TM Designworks - Tsubaki - Two Brothers Racing - UFO - Western Power Sports And they claim Your motorcycle drive parts are imperative to your ride, and at Motorcycle Superstore, we carry the motorcycle drive parts you need. You’ll find a wide selection of motorcycle drive parts from top aftermarket brands such as RK, Sunstar, JT, Renthal, Bikemaster, DID, Drag Specialties, Performance Machine, Roland Sands Designs, MSR Racing, Acerbis, and many others. We have motorcycle drive parts for your street bike, cruiser, dirt bike, and even your ATV. For all your motorcycle drive parts, shop right here at Motorcycle Superstore.

MotorCycleOnLineStore claims JT Sprockets Our leading edge technology in production and materials with total dedication to excellence gives you the ultimate motorcycle sprocket range at unbeatable value. Sprockets for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamahas.

Sunstar Sprockets

The strongest, longest lasting steel replacement sprocket available Nearly all motorcycles come equipped from the factory with this sprocket Constructed of the highest quality 1045 high-carbon steel Exclusive heat treatment and quenching process for strength and durability

PBI Sprockets

  • Broached specially for maximum spline to shaft contact
  • Available in a full range of tooth sizes
  • Heat treated for long life and less wear
  • CNC machined from high grade alloy steel
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications

Renthal Sprockets

Rear sprockets also feature special tooth profile that allows the chain to roll easily on and off the sprocket for longer wear, less noise and more power All Renthal rear sprockets are hard anodized (except H-D® applications) Rear sprockets are made from high-strength, specially enhanced 7075 T-6 aluminum - 33% lighter than steel

Renthal claim Renthal is a worldwide company. Our products are sold all over the globe but the manufacturing heart is in Manchester, UK.

Renthal sponsor racers from all over the world and 142 World Titles and 111 US Titles have been won using Renthal products. A fraction of a second, a few grams, a couple of millimetres. Attention to every small detail is what it takes to be the best. Everyone dreams of success but achieving it takes relentless commitment and effort.

It is this obsession for detail, quality and engineering that makes Renthal products the finest on the market today.

Afam Sprockets

AFAM street front sprockets are precision machined from chromoly steel for outstanding strength. AFAM street rear sprockets are precision made to tolerances twice as accurate as O.E.M. standards. 7075-T6 aluminum is heat treated and anodized for durability and corrosion resistance. Lightening holes and relief machining (on certain applications) keeps weight to a minimum.

Vortex claim. THE AUTHORITY ON RACE DESIGN Based in the USA, Vortex has been manufacturing top quality motorcycle racing components for over 10 years. Owned and operated by motorcycle racers, we focus on absolute quality. Each of our race components are made to the tightest tolerances with the best quality materials for the application. We test on the track with direct feedback from top professional race teams worldwide. Vortex is the authority on race design.

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[NEWS] MXGP in Assen

The weekend saw the 16th round of the MXGP in Assen, on a new circuit and in perfect weather conditions. Supersprox were there to meet with team managers and support plans for the 2016 and 2017 season. There was a high expectation that Romain Febvre could win his first MXGP world championship title, but the pressure must have been immense. During race one, it seemed that his chances to become champion were actually getting further away from him. His start was OK, but he seemed to find the track conditions difficult and he looked unsettled. Not surprising, considering Assen as the home GP for the Yamaha company and in this 60th anniversary year of Yamaha, it seemed that all the company was at the race, to see what would happen. Race 1, saw Romain come home in 5th position. Race 2 was a different story and now the troubles in his mind had gone away and with skill and confidence, he tracked down the race leader (#777 Evgeny Bobryshev) and by the half way point, he was in the lead. Riding confidently to his first championship, with 2 rounds remaining. Congratulations from Supersprox to Romain Febvre and Yamaha team. We have enjoyed working with you in this historic 60th anniversary year.
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Results race: MXGP 2015 Czech Republic Loket

Romain Febvre was dominant in the Grand Prix of Czech Republic 2 race wins. There was no stopping him stepping on the top step of the podium, where he seems quite at home these days.
Febvre has a massive 88 points ahead of Gautier Paulin. But there are still five round remaining and 250 points available. It has been a season full of drama and injury, but it’s looking good for the Yamaha factory rider. Second overall was Evgeny Bobryshev and third Clement Desalle.

Download results

Download results

Jonny Walker wins the Red Bull Romaniacs 2015

KTM’s Jonny Walker

KTM’s Jonny Walker claimed a hard fought victory in this year’s edition of Red Bull Romaniacs. Competing against on-form rivals, and up against some of the world’s hardest terrain, it was anything but an easy ride to victory. Fighting tooth and nail during the duration of the five-day race in Sibiu, Romania Walker eventually crossed the finish line in first position. Pictures and words courtesy Future7 media.

Jonny Walker (KTM)

Supersprox at the front in Sweden

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