Extended chain life

hard steel

The ultimate weight reduction aluminum core combined with hard steel teeth gives you maximum sprocket durability and extended chain life

Hard steel teeth last 3 times longer than aluminum sprockets.

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35% Lighter Than Steel, but much stronger.

Aluminum core is Lighter than a steel sprocket, without compromising the strength.

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Best quality

perfect design

Stunning technical design to compliment your motorcycle.

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Make your design

Colors available

Available in a range of colors.

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The choice of champions

make your choice

Tested by world champions, so you can ride with confidence.

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All models available

Take that you need

Available for more motorcycle models than any other brand, so you can find the Supersprox that you want.

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Welcome to Supersprox company site

Producing the best sprockets since 1956

Supersprox are true world leaders in the production of performance bike sprockets. A supplier to most European motorcycle producers, such as KTM motorcycles ag, Husqvarna motorcycles, Betamotor s.p.a, Honda Italy and other specialist brands. With a long tradition of expertise in the motorcycle field. The company has supplied the best quality racing sprockets since 1959. Founded by Roger Maughfling, who was a truly passionate enthusiast and loved all things with motors, but particularly motorcycles. He opened a motorcycle repair shop in Mid Wales UK, where he used to work many hours and even sleep. Back in those days…

steve-mcqueen-husqvarna image from SI Magazine

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