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Ducati Sprockets

Supersprox Ducati Sprockets

Rivet construction

Supersprox-Ducati Edge

Supersprox Ducati sprockets are the most technical sprockets in the Supersprox range. We have completed... Read more

Supersprox Chains

Motocross Non Sealed:

G420-MXT (4,300 LBS) G428-MXT (4,400 Lbs) B520-MXT (8,100 Lbs) G520-MXT (8,100 Lbs) Chain-box-supersprox

Supersprox Heavy Duty, non sealed chains.

  • Designed for high performance motorcycles, with the quality guarantee of Japanese production.
  • Hardened and precision... Read more

    MOTUL chain lubes


    Chain Clean

    Chain Clean is a perfect product that cleans all types of motorcycle chains (road and off-road, ATV), in fact any chain can be cleaned with this great product. Chain Clean removes all encrusted deposits, dust, sand, soil, oil and extreme grease. Chain clean is... Read more