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Supersprox is a family owned company

Making motorcycle sprockets since 1959. We are passionate about our products and the company. We have 2 factories in Europe, with a production in Poland and another in Ukraine. Our factory in Ukraine has been producing your sprockets from 2008. We have 70 staff members in Zhytomyr Ukraine. Those people have decided to stay in Ukraine and continue their work, with a hope for a better future. Supersprox would like to support the local people and the local defense. To protect our staff and do what we can for them. We have set up a secure and independent payment platform, to gather any donations that our fans and supporters would like to give. All donations will go to the local defense in our city.

You can give any amount that you want and every cent, will go towards local support in Zhytomyr.

Online payments are processed through PayPal secure online platform.

We thank you for your support

Supersprox General Manager

  Our story in Ukraine, during 2022