Supersprox custom rear sprocket

European patent #03792104.6
US patent #7,481,729 B2

Looking for something really special, to let your bike stand out from the crowd. Supersprox-stealth Patented connection between the steel and aluminum part, ensuring super long system life, safety and reliability. Or Supersprox aluminium for maximum weight reduction, regardless of longevity. Your choice, made exclusively for you!

Available in colors

Check your bike model for available color. More color options in Custom sprocket Section

technical product

Produced specially on order in Stealth or aluminum for chain size 420, 428, 520, 525 and 530

Stunning look

Smart Choice to upgrade the performance and look of your motorcycle with contrast cut finish.

aluminum core

ALUMINUM where you need it
(Stealth) Core is lighter than OEM steel sprocket. Available in tooth size 34 – 65T and stunt bike sizes (520 only) in gold color 55T – 60T – 70T
And for (Aluminum) 34 – 57T

System life

SYSTEM LIFE (Stealth only)
Steel teeth reduce friction on the chain and keeping chain temperatures lower, helping your chain to last longer. Extending system life and saving money

Wide range

For street and off-road application made in 7 business days with contrast cut or 6 weeks fully anodised (without contrast cut).


The original and custom made

Custom Made Form

Can you make a sprocket for me?


Gear ratio explained. The gear ratio, is the ratio of turns made by one gear, compared to the other gear, when the gears are connected by a chain. An example of gear ratio will be with one gear of 10 teeth and the second gear of 20 teeth, giving a ratio of 2 (20/10=2). To calculate the ratio, devide the number of teeth on the rear sprocket, by the number of teeth on the front sprocket and the resulting number is your gear ratio.
Why do you need to know your gear ratio? It might be, that your bike is not performing as you would like and a change in gear ratio might help the performace.
GEAR DOWN. An example of this would be, that the bike is difficult to start in first gear and the clutch needs to be used more than you would like. You have plenty of top end speed, but need more slow speed control. The answer, might be to GEAR DOWN the bike. You can do this by adding more teeth to the rear sprocket or reducing the number of teeth on the front sprocket.
GEAR UP. The opposite situation, might be that the bike has lots of power, but is reaching the rev limiter in top gear and you would like to reduce the revolutions at a particular speed. To do this, you would need to GEAR UP the bike. By reducing the number of teeth on the rear sprocket or increase the number of teeth on the front sprocket.
Diameter of gear. Each tooth added or taken away from a sprocket, will reduce the diameter of the sprocket by a given amount. For simplicity, you can think about 5mm change on the diameter, for each additional or reduced tooth. This will help understanding in relation to space requirements for gear ratio changes.
Chain length. The addition of teeth to the sprocket, may require a longer chain or changing the position of the rear wheel, by moving that backwards or forwards. It will depend on the addition or subtraction of sprocket teeth. This can be calculated by considering the chain pitch. For simplicity, you can think about each chain link requiring 16mm length (actually 520, 525, 530 chains require 15.875mm per link to be exact). But the chain is going around the rear sprocket and the front sprocket, so the important number would be the change in diameter of the sprocket and not the chain length. An example would be to remove one tooth from the rear sprocket. This would make the chain more loose and to correctly adjust the chain, you would need to move the rear wheel backwards (away from the small sprocket) by 5mm. This movement would compensate for the change in diameter. Due to chain construction, it is not possible to remove only one link and it is neccasary to remove even numbers of links (2, 4, 6, 8 etc).


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